segunda-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2011

[stuff] some random shit

pick a word - any word, c'mon!- and choose your own godamn meaning .

[, and 10+ years old to boot, all of this; as meaningfull today as it will ever going to be.]

Bombast: bubastis skinned to the beat, booming schrieck of the skinned cat, bombast!beat of cat-foiled drum

Yellow: cowards bloom the first: yellow petals on blood-red fields

Writing: the pen as a sixth appendix - the pennis?... - the vagina: cup with no handle, but a funneled bottom - ; a head, two legs, two arms, a pen: six footed critter, assimetrical beast crawling on the face of a blank page, it´s tracks, some irregular scribbling, the remaints of an entire lifespan.

Law: roman letters carved on flesh, printed afterwards with blood: stained blood letters. Cannibal Law, eternal.

Devil: devil laughs and coughs, spits blood, lungs ruined by a short life of luxury, vices, excess; devil laughs the last.


wastehat : head turned upside down: emptied cup. No waste here; nothing left.

Seat : chairs change places all around the table, shifting hierarchy of the round table; dance of the chairs: His Majesty has his seat taken out of the reach of his large butt.dancing chairs as the guests get drunk and His Royalty loses his crown.’round and’round and’round.

hammer : head beat heart beat hand beat - horny; feet stomp hammer hits hammer falls - hammer pumps - flesh song.

red : red stains on palid, furred skin: thin cheetah on a night hunt, on the night run, scorched by neon light. Running silhouete, red bright spots on the night - blurred, misty white skin -, red streaming behind your eyelids.


eschatology : now that it had hit the fan...:


psychedelic : and all the colors were mixed, and then they were rainbowed on a tv screen, man. Psychedelicacy.


Fork : foked tongue of the crossroads’ deity


car : ride the world, as your car stands still(turn off the engine, throw the engine away). A world built for the passing-by  viewer(whoever she may be): sit down an enjoy motionless travel: the world is spining by.around - who?


texas : stars ablaze above the prairie. Firelight, coyote blues, the taste of sand, the scent of oil. Texas is the land of receeding horizons, the land of forever.

computer : tutorial truism

A computer is a brainless tool - a computer is as stupid as his usuary?: a computer is as stupid as his user can be.

money : moni- mono- oni- uno- onan!now.

sex : apexpansiondulateologymnemonichtyogarmentranceducationmniscientropynchoneyes

sex appealmighty dollarms racetaceanomalyear of the ratavistic-toclusivenominoused carscar tissue me!

Just breath!, to that sincopate rhythm

God : God was in the apple.

Sesamestreet : where sesamestreet leads to the animal farm: puppet puffed animals strolling down the street - what´s that fabric made of, eh?is it synthetic?what about that fur are those feathers?! -, cellphones cluched on their pawns, pressed to their ears - fingers stitched to the face - blablabla of the jungle, cables and wires for the upper branches of trees. Oinc oinc oinc. Dirty, furred babies.

love : love’s a commodity. The only one thing one can sell, the only thing that is sellable.

Day : a througsonh m reflec e, day is ourit’s in y epeyes, , past erased - clocks, shut up - life timede your passes a n iling ew born ne sea is shinintedg coming by, smiling own imtus each time renew smface shines upon miwne, my face on...

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