terça-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2010

[parody] left for good



the four of them were holed up on the old railway station, licking their wounds , loading their weapons, waiting for the next wave of rabid living-dead bastards to break. They were also waiting for their ride out of town, but they were not holding their breaths. The radio was silent, and the train was late,and not just ten minutes late, either.

“Damned thing must be low on steam. Some broken valve or something, i bet.”, Bill snarled.

“Guys, i’m pregnant.”, Zoe said out of nowhere, as if it was a painful, long supressed burp.

The guys stood frozen in shock for a whole minute, and it was down to Bill to break the spell again.

“Well, don’t look at me ,folks. This old soldier here hasn’t had a hand at his rocket launcher for a few good wars now. Anyway, everyone knows smoking makes you balls fall off dead like dried tomatoes.”

“And i’m gay”, Francis added matter off factly, to everybody else’s startled reaction. “What?! You gotta be a real macho to go around being a homo these days, you sissies”.

So the spotlights turned on to Louis, who tried to ignore his buddies stare as if it was a cloud of fat ugly flies, but finally gave up:

“Damn,woman! I tought you said you had taken the pill !”

“Well, it was a cafeine pill...asshole.”

At wich point a wall came down near by, letting in a huge froathing Rumbler, with a whole mob of undead freaks on his wake.

“Oh my god, it’s my husband!”

And all hell broke loose, again, and the four stood their ground as they always did, wave after wave, again,and again, and again, waiting for that damn train that would never come.

[but , you know: it was really fun while it lasted]

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Gláucia Jorge disse...

to aqui. Acordada e li! Orgulhosa, como sempre!